About Artisan Food

Artisan Food is on a mission to bring good food to good people.

We are all about eating and living adventurously.

Our aim, is to seek out the best local food producers and bring them to our online marketplace so more people can share in the joy of tasting and experimenting unique food products made lovingly, locally.

Are you a food maker passionate about your food creations? Do you want to share the joy of your produce with the world? We would love to hear your story. Drop us an email at to express your interest in our food project.

Fun Facts

We were made in Code Division: Did you know that the Artisan Food Co. team (with the help of the talented folks at Code Division) built the beta version of this site in 1 month? Imagine what we can build in the months to come!

We built this in MaGIC: Where the airconditioning kept our coding fingers cold and the people kept our spirits warm.

Credits: Thank you Josh, Rizal and especially You Jing, who has yet to fail to solve any of our coding problems. Shout out to the team who built this - Wong, Kean Seng and Peege. Last but not least, Wilson my rock - couldn't have built this without you.