Trio of Small Jams

MADE BY Michelle's Artisan Fruit Spread


Michelle’s Artisan Fruit Spread is made from all natural ingredients and contains all fruit. There are no artificial additives and no water is added in the cooking process. Handmade in small batches, our spreads are gently cooked in the fruit’s own natural juices to preserve the sweet aroma and texture. It is low in sugar (we use organic raw sugar), full of fruit flavour and fresh in taste. Michelle’s Artisan Fruit Spread is ideal on toast, crackers; as yogurt/ice cream topping; mixed into oatmeal; or as relish for meat or fish. Now available as a pack of 3 different jams: Apple & Cranberry, Papaya & Orange and Mango & Passionfruit (60g each).

Apple & Cranberry: apples, organic raw sugar, dried cranberries, apple juice, fresh lemon juice. Papaya & Orange: papayas, oranges & peels, organic raw sugar, fresh orange juice, fresh lemon juice. Mango with Passionfruit: mangoes, organic raw sugar, passionfruit, fresh lemon juice.


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Michelle's Artisan Fruit Spread

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