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Peanut Butter Factory officially launched in January 2014 and is founded by two sisters based in KL. Alina and Rachel Ong come from very diverse backgrounds, the former being a legal associate and the latter being a film director. They both however, love peanut butter and can eat it with almost anything. They decided to find a healthier alternative to store bought peanut butter which led them to experiment making their own peanut butter at home. Noticing a lack of variety in homemade peanut butters in the market, they then decided to turn their passion for peanut butter into a business by making artisanal peanut butter.

Thus, Peanut Butter Factory was born with variants such as smooth, chunky, cranberry, kaya, jelly, omega 3, chocolate chip, and granola. Peanut Butter Factory also has a premium range of nut butters such as cashew butter, almond butter and hazelnut chocolate spread. Peanut Butter Factory’s products can be purchased online from their website at .

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