The original chocolate chip cookie recipe.

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"Let's make soup" in the beginning there was the sentence...

After that first basic soup lesson by an older sister, at the age of 8 Azlina Mohamed sees the kitchen as her culinary playground. From experimenting different ingredients, to rummaging the holy grail of Wayne Gisslen, she cooks her way through life, in between nonfood related careers, flying lessons and hosting dinner parties for friends and family. Not the original sweet tooth of a person, baking came later later in life where she felt the need to take cooking to another level. Baking and its complexity intrigues her and soon the playground evolved to newer more fascinating heights. Soon the reward came in the form of pure joy from family, neighbor and friends and shortly extend to new customers. In Jan 2014, Azlina started Cempicka unofficially and played with a wider market. The outcome came to a star product that stood out which customers can't seem to get enough of, Cempicka's Chocolate Chip Cookie, inspired from the original recipe. It was time to get official.

Nirmala Karuppiah was a long-lost childhood friend and the two were reunited at the time Cempicka was at its infancy. With a background in photography and film (her work was featured in Cannes Festival 2012), Azlina found a kindred spirit in Nirmala and knew she can run with her into taking Cempicka further. Sure enough, not even a month had passed, with Nirmala alongside, the two set up Cempicka Sdn Bhd and they have been busy ever since...

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